Agua de Horchata

Horchata 10 hoursto prep 8 servings About this Recipe Enjoy this sweet and refreshing beverage made with cinnamon and rice all summer long! Recipe by: Dayana Silveria Photos by: Dayana Silveria Ingredients 2 cups of uncooked rice ¼ cup almonds 6 cups of water 2-4...
Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Caliente

Hot Chocolate 2 minutesto prep 10 minutesto cook 4 cups About this Recipe This Hot Chocolate recipe is sure to be a cozy treat when it is cold outside. Mexican chocolate is a chocolate that has already been seasoned with cinnamon and sometimes other spices. If you...
Ponche (Mexican Holiday Punch)

Ponche Mexicano para Días Festivos

Ponche (Mexican Holiday Punch) 10 minutesto prep 10 minutesto cook 24-8 ounce servings About this Recipe This fruit punch is loaded with tropical fruits and served warm. Ponche is popularly enjoyed in the winter, as its sweet cinnamony flavor makes this drink a cozy...